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We are a passionate team that continuously improves ourselves, our teams, and our product.

VideoAmp, a software company based in Santa Monica and founded in 2014, has raised more than $36 million in funding to date. VideoAmp owns and operates the world's first integrated TV operating system for the convergence of linear TV and digital video advertising. Our software and data solutions enable advertisers to plan, buy, and measure the success of de-duplicated and precisely targeted campaigns that reach linear TV, VOD, OTT, and digital audiences. For the first time, VideoAmp's linear suite gives buyers the ability to use digital data for the planning and allocation of upfront TV commitments within existing workflows.

We solve large scale problems (1M QPS with 50ms latency).
We struggle together and we win together.
We are always improving ourselves, our teams, and our product.
We LOVE trolling each other.
We solve large scale problems (1M QPS with 50ms latency).
We win together and we struggle together.
We are always improving ourselves, our teams, and our product.
We LOVE trolling each other.

Dope Stats

Solving large scale problems is what we do




lifetime impressions




unique websites per hour



ad opportunities analyzed



targetable user dimensions



rows of data per table



cores on bare metal



usable memory

Engineering Teams

Explore some of the teams that keep internet free

Data Engineering

We extract value from data.

Data Science

We figure out how to extract value from data.

High Frequency Engineering

We scale the business of building efficient, scalable software.

Systems Engineering

We make sure the things we build work well. Together.

Full Stack Engineering

We build workflows that are functional and beautiful.

Engineering Ops

We provide the technology foundation for agility and scale.

Tech Stack


Stories of our engineers

VideoAmp empowers me to be the most powerful and authentic version of myself.

First of all, folks should know that Ad-tech is high tech. We attack tough problems and come up with solutions that can impact literally millions of dollars per day across the advertising marketplace, all while being constrained in terms of time and resources. On a project, every member of the team is essential; we don't have the luxury of over-resourcing. This means that our engineers are excited to be here. It’s not about clocking-in and out of an 8-hour day. We get up in the morning, and execute throughout the day with a strong sense of purpose. The company perks — from personal training to dinner club — keep us energized, engaged with each other, and ready to take on the next round of problem-solving at our best. I look around at my fellow engineers and coworkers in other parts of the company and I can see the qualities I want to embody in the future. In just a few short years, I may be in their shoes, and it’s comforting to know that trajectory is not just possible, but is achievable and even expected of me.

I was entrusted with big scale projects.

I knew one thing about what I wanted in my career. I wanted to slay a dragon. I wanted to take on the largest data problems I could get my hands on. So naturally, I initially sought out Google, Facebook, and Twitter. You know...big tech companies with well-known, big data issues. After hearing from some of my classmates who managed to land similar positions, I realized I would be solving big data problems, but in very small, somewhat boring pieces. Then I discovered the powerhouse that is VideoAmp, a small company taking a very big bite out of a very big problem. After I joined, I quickly realized we’re solving similar and sometimes even bigger problems than the likes of Google and Twitter; we process in the range of one million+ QPS, using hundreds of clients running on 60 cores with 60G of RAM, all with a small team. Seeing what our platform is capable of gives me the great satisfaction of knowing I’m doing exactly what I set out to do.

I was part of a small cross-functional team (like the Justice League).

The engineers are like the heroes of the Justice League. We tackle problems as a team with each member bringing their own unique set of super-powers to the solution. The last big problem we finished consisted of 1 data engineer, 2 RTB engineers, 1 API engineer, and was led by our fearless VPs of Engineering and Product. Every decision was run down the line of viewpoints, each was trusted and respected. The end effect was better of course, but I was amazed at the very visible downstream effects. Finance got better reports and client success was freed up from painful tasks. While we didn't get the key to the city, the appreciation was felt throughout the company.



Unlimited Personal Training

Healthy body equals healthy mind. Mac, our personal trainer, will help you achieve both. Learn the most efficient techniques to make you feel better, boost your energy, obtain superhuman strength, and/or elevate your sexiness.


Annual Family Vacation Stipend

VideoAmp believes in quality family time and each VideoAmp employee will get $2,000 each year for family vacation.


Unlimited PTO

VideoAmp wants you to enjoy life to its fullest. That’s why we require you to take a minimum of 2 weeks off for your non-negotiables.


Employer Paid Health Insurance (Including Immediate Family)

VideoAmp currently covers 75% medical and 50% vision and dental (and now your immediate family at 50%) so you can crush it at work and in life.



There are no set hours. VideoAmp supports a results-only work environment. As long as the work gets done, we want to give you as much freedom as possible.


401K Plan

Secure your financial future with our 401k plan. VideoAmp has carefully selected a full service 401k plan with low fees and no hidden costs.


Dinner from bomb-ass restaurants

While our nutritionist creates the customized nutrition plan, our dinner club makes it a reality. VideoAmp provides healthy and delicious dinners. It's free, and it's one more way to optimize your lifestyle.


Regular Team Bonding Events

Compete and have fun with your coworkers outside of work and bring out some of your hidden qualities and develop stronger connections.


Monthly Employee Recognition

Every month, our people get to anonymously nominate their peers for exemplifying our values. This award is one of many ways we reward high performers.


Stretch Goals Encouraged

There’s always room for improvement. We encourage and support your goals outside of your job responsibilities so you can push yourself to the next level.


Epic Adventures

Adventure is a great way to stay physically active and experience fun together as a team. It’s also a great opportunity to refresh our minds and bodies.



Everyone Has Equity

VideoAmp provides all of our people with equity in the company. We also provide equity training so that you can have a better understanding of what your ownership is worth and what responsibility it carries.


The latest blog from our engineers

What we learned migrating off Cron to Airflow

The VideoAmp data engineering department was undergoing pivotal change last fall. The team at the time consisted of three data engineers and a system engineer who worked closely with us.

A new home for all the bits

At VideoAmp, leveraging cloud providers such as AWS has allowed our company to experience massive and immediate growth through fast iteration of development, flexible scale, and readily available services which solve complex infrastructure problems.